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Applying the same societal templates restricts you to the same outcomes.
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Before exploring Dharma its worth noting what Dharma is NOT. Dharma is not Faith, belief, religion, ideology nor duty. The closest the English language can bring us to an understanding of Dharma is "Life Sciences".

At the heart of Dharmic decision making is a series of world views which have their basis upon "eternal threads" accompanied with a deep understanding of the functioning of both individuals and groups. The 6 schools of Dharmic philosophies which have evolved over 7 millennia of recorded history and over this time they have been empirically tested and the observations have been refined and distilled to a degree which can be reproduced and repeatedly implemented.

Its simple to reject this assertion but before doing so, it is worth considering that Dharmic communities all over the world have virtually similar profiles. They are consistently above average in all of the following criteria:-

Educational attainment, Income and Home ownership, per capita contribution in taxes, below average representation in prison populations etc etc.

The reason behind this statistically significant observation is the application of Dharmic philosophies.  We are here to share and accompany groups wishing to explore this as an option.


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