"that which includes and contains all things".

Dharma - an ancient, multi-layered Sanskrit word with no exact equivalent in English. A philosophy built on the connectedness of all living things. To seek harmony with wisdom and compassionate devotion to life.
A universal inclusive world view built on non-violence, wisdom, reality and dynamism. Refined and tested over 10,000 years, primitive in origin and yet innovative and contemporary in application.
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About Our Company

In a nutshell, we are bringing together a group of philosophies which are at the heart of all peaceful and harmonious endeavours, philosophies which promote contentment, prosperity, wisdom and non-violence. These core ideas have been the bedrock of all prosperous and enlightened communities, cultures and civilisations. A group of scholars from differing nationalities and birth traditions, from across religious and non-religious traditions feel that there is a need to contemporise these ideas and reintroduce them with paradigm-shifting projects.

Established in 2013, launched in Parliament, we have come together to create new frameworks for communicating these ideas and to create platforms and content to present these philosophies and ideas to a global audience in need of wisdom and tranquillity. Too much harm has already been done by humanity becoming disconnected internally and externally, yet with global communication being so powerful, this harm can be reversed with speed and effectiveness. Join us in taking our planet, our communities and our activities beyond division, beyond religion and beyond ignorance.
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Applying the same societal templates restricts you to the same outcomes.
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